Cincinnati, OH

Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC) is a community of radiant, radical, forward-thinking artists and designers who have helped mold the creative landscape since 1869. As an independent college of art and design located in historic Over-the-Rhine, the Art Academy grants the degrees Associate of Science in graphic design, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Master of Arts in art education. The legacy of the Art Academy can be seen all over Cincinnati. It has provided life-changing experiences to many artists and designers, who have in turn made a difference in the city and beyond. We celebrate the seers, radicals and innovators and helped establish some of the most influential artists of their times, from Maria Longworth, and Charley Harper to Thom Shaw and Petah Coyne. Learn more at

Know Theatre is a tribe made up of everyone who has ever worked on or attended a show, everyone who has been in our underground bar, everyone who has experienced the mad and beautiful community that is the Cincy Fringe. Actors and audiences, playwrights and props masters, directors and designers, bartenders and bands: if you’ve ever been a part of the Know, you’ll always be a part of the Know. That’s who Know Theatre is.

Solasta Theatre Lab aims to be a light in a time of darkness. Solasta Theatre Lab’s mission is to establish space for process and create art that helps us each reconnect with our roots, as well as with one another as a community. Through full-sensory kinesthetic creations, both in process and production, its goal is to encourage audiences to connect with their own instincts and recharge their own light.