Covington, KY

Spotted Yeti Media is a video marketing company with a focus on combining storytelling with strategy. Marketing is no longer just about having great content. It’s engaging with your audience regularly at the right time and place — moving them to think, feel, and act. We are a modern video production company for today’s every-changing media environment. Since traveling to Tanzania with one of our first clients, Village Life Outreach Project, we’ve continued to seek out adventures and compelling stories. We’ve shot backstage from the catwalk at the Cincinnati Opera. We’ve told stories about cutting-edge innovations with promising startups through CincyTech and UpTech. We’ve promoted the importance of early childhood education and family support with Children Inc., Beech Acres Parenting Center and United Way MyPre-K. Our team has interviewed hundreds of individuals — from the next generation of talent at Greater Cincinnati’s top universities to our region’s top CEOs. The relationships we’ve made along the way and the variety of stories we’ve told is what we love most about our job. For BLINK 2019, we are excited to use our love of storytelling to tell an important message of our region in partnership with motion graphic designer Tony Agliata and artist Matthew Grote.