“re:Fraction” – the principle of light bending as it passes between different materials like air and water. The Genius of Water honors the importance of water to our city, its history, and ultimately all of life on Earth. The wonder of water is that it flows through our lives and through our bodies. This liquid sustains us and connects us to our world and to each other. We move water as it moves us in a magnificent dance filled with power and emotion. When we add color, we create art, building moment by moment into an experience like no other. The installation will be a celebration of water and it’s many forms and uses. Light will flow through Fountain Square, washing over people like stones in a stream; diverting and changing the flow and, in the process, transforming both. Through interactive experiences, visitors will work and play and draw light from one another as they explore parallels between light and water.

Created by Brave Berlin and Fifth Third Innovation. ONE67, Fifth Third’s Innovation team, positions us as a disruptive thought leader by accelerating innovation on our journey to win in a customer-centric, digital world.