Cincinnati, OH

Pam & Co is a collective of rock star visual artists, performing artists, engineers, fashion designers, cinematographers, makers and dreamers. Everyone has a unique skill and vision that they will bring to this interactive, immersive installation. We are Cincinnatians working collaboratively to create a larger than life-sized magical fun-house. Artists include Theresa Kramer, Gee Horton, Scottie Bellissimo, Sheri Besso, Celene Hawkins, Carla Lamb, Randy Smith, Craig Davis, Zack Greenberg, Katie Swartz, Jodi Kessler, Kara Martin, Analeise Javri-Beamer, Steve Pobanz, Jeff Welch, Modularem, Kris Swain, Atomic Specialities, Jill Scholtz, Inflatable Design Group, and Harrison High School Art Students