Cincinnati, Ohio

Mallory Feltz is a Cincinnati-based visual artist who has always enjoyed building things, is interested in a wide variety of materials, and also dabbles in costuming and performance art. She earned her BFA in sculpture from University of Cincinnati, DAAP (2006), and completed her MFA in sculpture at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA (2009). Intrigued by themes of domesticity, family dynamics, childhood memories, and place, Mallory mixes traditional sculptural and craft techniques with multiples-based sculptures, participatory artworks, and installations. In 2007 she was awarded Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Student Achievement Awards from the International Sculpture Center. Her work has been exhibited locally (including Manifest Gallery, The Carnegie, and Kennedy Heights Arts Center) and nationally. In 2017, Mallory was chosen as one of 35 artists to create a light-based sculptural installation, “Easy Breezy,” in the inaugural BLINK Cincinnati. She has two permanent outdoor sculptures — one in Hamilton, OH, and one in Brookline, NH. As the director of exhibitions & public art at Kennedy Heights Arts Center, she organizes a yearly exhibition calendar for two gallery spaces, coordinates public art opportunities, and helps plan major community events.