Lunar Toons is inspired by the artist’s own adventures growing up enthralled with space travel and exploration. It whirls the viewer through his inventive world of exciting intergalactic fun and play, immersed in his rocket-fired imagination as he grows up. Fantastical make-believe blooms into grand space adventure through delightfully animated imagery of classic and contemporary outer space culture and memorabilia. The story revels in the thrill of a generation of kids steeped in space toys, games, and movies. It captures the lunar landing’s awesome effect exploding the imagination, turning everyday activities into gripping galactic adventures. The delight of discovering a stellar prize in the skyrocket cereal, the bike ride exhilaration of eluding make-believe aliens, the cosmic comfort of nights spent rooftop with family stargazing in wonder. Set to a youthful and bouncy soundscape by TWINK the Toy Piano band, the story is rich with reeling imagination and heartwarmingly connected with our own visions and memories. Lunar Toons is one of three projection mapping epics from award-winning artist George Berlin’s EarthRise: Apollo — a collection of enchantingly imagined and artfully crafted space sagas inspired by the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing that is thrilling audiences on three continents around the world this year. Each adventure features an originally composed soundscape, and celebrates mankind’s innate fascination with outer space, honoring the untiring human will to explore our universe that first thrust us to the moon. Find out more at