Cincinnati, Ohio

Lizzy DuQuette is a multimedia artist and illustrator. She has been a part of many ArtWorks projects as an apprentice, teaching artist, project manager, and mural designer. She works closely with youth and adult residents in her neighborhood, developing community-driven projects with MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra, Price Hill Will, and the Price Hill Creative Community Festival. For the last seven productions, Lizzy has worked as production designer for Queen City Opera, designing and fabricating sets and giant puppets. She received her BFA from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning with a concentration in drawing and printmaking.

As an artist of puppetry, Jesse Mooney-Bullock creates work that spans many disciplines. Sculpture, live performance, painting and design, engineering, writing and storytelling converge in this art-form. He revels in the entire process — from conceptualizing on paper to final performance before a live audience. His hand-held puppets operate in ways unique to their role and purpose in a production, recognizing that a puppet must move as well as it looks. Mooney-Bullock has developed his skills in inventive engineering alongside his abilities in fine sculpture and wood-carving. It is this synthesis of form and function that continually captivates him in his artwork.