Denver, CO

Moving from romantic partners to artistic collaborators didn’t just happen overnight. In the weeks after their engagement, Lindsey and Jon had their first chance to collaborate on a mural project in Tulum, Mexico. From there, Jon invited Lindsey to help on the backend of Like Minded Productions, where Lindsey put her business skills to work.

Exciting opportunities came their way in quick succession. Lindz and Lamb’s early collabs deconstructed geometric patterns, and after research and discussion, they began experimenting with razzle dazzle techniques. This form of optical illusion was developed by the Royal Navy to camouflage ships in the early 20th century. Lindz and Lamb have used razzle dazzle on largescale installations for major brands like Vans, Adidas and Starbucks, and at established art venues like The Container Yard In DTLA, ArtSea Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and Ultra Music Festival. They’ve also taken on multi-story commercial real estate mural projects like McWhinney’s RiDE at RiNo.“I’m an A personality type,” Lindsey says, “I love black and white, straight lines, 45° and 90° angles. This comes back to me having MS; I’m very aware of how precious our time is here, so I don’t want to waste any time in the grey.”

One of the most unique aspects of Lindz and Lamb’s collaborations is how they support each other and build off each other’s ideas in the creative process. Even friends have been surprised to see how they take care of each other each day on the walls, it’s a true partnership.