Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL

Lindsey Whittle is a performance artist that makes colorful, transformable objects as a starting point to collaborate with others. A single piece of her work often has many applications and the work functions best when those applications are in flux. It can function as an installation, on the wall, as a sculpture or on a body, ect. There are element of exploration, change, transformation, interactivity and possibility in everything she does. She prefers her work to be an active conversation with itself between her work from the past to the present. She likes her work to be in motion and to take her ideas out of the confines of the gallery and into everyday life experiences, mostly through what she wears. She also prefers her work to be accessible to as many people as possible at any age or stage in life. She has worked with bright colored versions of materials such as: fabric, wood, foam, paper, make-up, Velcro, acrylic Plexiglas and more. When possible she likes to use materials she has available to avoid waste.

Grace is an Artist, Maker, and Photographer currently based in Chicago. Her wearable art has been featured in exhibits across the US and around the world, most recently at World of WearableArt in Wellington, NZ where her piece Mind the Synaptic Gap won the 2018 Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award. She has had the opportunity to collaborate on projects with Disney, Hot Topic, and Her Universe among other brands, and she has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, Paper Magazine, Bustle, Jezebel, HelloGiggles, and beyond. Grace currently works independently as a designer, maker, builder, and materials expert.