Cincinnati, OH

Lightborne designs and creates cutting-edge video content for screens of all shapes and sizes for Advertisers & Marketers, Brands & Companies, Live Events & Concerts all over the world. We meet your creative challenges with unique Lightborne solutions. We share your goals to express your vision. From directing to designing, editorial to animation, broadcast to branding, in our studio or on location, we excel at multi-disciplinary projects and are dedicated to creating exceptional work. We are located in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, housed in a converted five-story industrial building, beautifully transformed by renowned architect Jose Garcia into a state-of-the-art creative studio. Lightborne concepts and creates stunning visuals in all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of projects including: 1) traditional advertising commercials and videos, 2) live action production and post-production, 3) live events and concert/tour visuals, and 4) design, animation, visual effects and finishing.