From indigenous Mound Builders to early settlers of Cincinnati, the river has been the foundation upon which our great city was built. Water, rivers, and streams contain a magic power with thousands of colors and shapes contained in their movements. This installation plans to evoke these mesmerizing movements, explore the past and embrace our future. We will use the metaphor of canoes traveling on water to communicate our region’s past and the continuing journey to our future.

The installation evokes our connection to place, to tell the story of the land and our relationship to the river. Eight canoes will be supported above ground at various heights between seven and ten feet in the air. The installation will utilize dynamic colored lights that illuminate the boats coordinated to music. In addition, each canoe will also have fully programmable lights that will bathe light from the interior of the hulls. This will provide a contrasting light texture to the linear paths of light on the canoes.

Live music will be performed for two nights. Musicians will wear small blue lights on their hands to simulate the movement of water.