Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA

Toti (TOe-Tee) is what you make it! They are a rag-tag team of designers, business professionals and entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to bring more light into the world of entertainment, art and place making. They appreciate the profound power that light has to bring people together and began experimenting with functional and artistic applications of light emitting diodes in the summer of 2017. They all came together in 2018 during Louisville Startup Weekend, where they placed second. Their primary artistic concerns are light as a medium, scale, and human interaction. TotiLight is lead by Francisco Cardona and Billy Bryant.

Francisco Cardona is an Arizona native and first-generation American. He studied art and architecture at Arizona State University where he received a degree in design studies. He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he works as an IT specialist for LEAP Agency. He’s an IT pro by day and an LED unicorn by night.

Billy Bryant is an Alabama native. He is a self-taught system engineer. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington, and works for Amazon.com. He is the man behind the code and the lightning engineer for Toti.