Welcome to Dazzle Doodles House of Fun! This interactive, immersive, light-based installation is created by a team of Cincinnati ROCKSTAR artists that bring this FUNHOUSE to life. Step right up as the circus barker calls to you, inviting you to spin the target wheel, take a photo, gaze at the huge inflatable illuminated Jack-in-the-Box named Jingle Yosemite before you walk through the wildly wonderful BIG MOUTH entrance — filled with a mylar curtain — to enter into Chamber No. 1. Here you will experience a room full of neon LED roping that tangles and twists as you duck and swerve around the immersive installation. You are ready for Chamber No. 2! Walk through the 3-D floating false wall with a second mylar curtain into the projection space. You will be surrounded by the wildest creatures (projected silhouettes) as the music creates a creepy-cool kind of vibe. Ready for the next Chamber? Walk through another mylar curtain though the second floating false wall into Chamber No. 3. Here, the room is full of multi-sized glowing inflatable balls that you will have to push or crawl or maneuver through. Now, sadly your trip through the FUNHOUSE has ended as you reach the exit! But, don’t be too sad; you can always go through another time! Dazzle Doodle’s House of Fun in the alleyway, complete with illuminated circus performers, mascots and callers, will be waiting for you all BLINK weekend!