Covington, Kentucky

Dan Shields works as the creative director at Strategic Advisers LLC, a public relations/government relations firm in Covington, Kentucky, but he lives in a creative world. As one of his many side interests, Dan has been using yarn either to foster a group activity or as a carefully planned installation since 2014. Yarn installations began as a group experience at a music festival then blossomed further as just that — a group experience. It’s inclusive largely because it is so accessible. It’s art that evolves with more interaction, either from viewers or from nature (wind and light) or both. But yarn can be more than just a material, it can be an artistic element in itself. Yarn — a line — strung through three-dimensional space modifies how the viewer perceives that space. And that’s an element that Dan — never one to declare himself a real artist — found himself fascinated with. The manipulation of how people perceive space — how it can be broken, how it can be separated, how it can be joined. By selecting the right location, then controlling the colors and materials and fine-tuning the lighting, he was able to increase the effect.