Lightbattle is a unique interactive bicycle light-artwork designed by VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX that lets visitors experience the place it stands in a unique, wonderful and joyful way. The high-end arch of light determines the strongest cyclists. Take a seat and let the battle commence!

The installation consists of a lightweight arch that elegantly spans over a pathway or even a river. Attached to the arch are nearly 5,000 LED lights that are individually triggered by state-of-the-art computer systems. Underneath both sides of the arch stand five bicycles from which the energy of speed is being regenerated for a light challenge not seen before.

With a beautiful light spectacle, Lightbattle attracts spectators to take place on a bicycle and unleash the epic challenge for red and blue. While pedaling they push their own arch of light to the other side to try and outcycle their opponents. The winner will be overwhelmed with a dazzling waterfall of lights.


Installation sponsored by UC Health.