Cincinnati, Ohio

Courtney Zunis and Amy East are two local architects currently practicing at Platte Architecture and Design. Both DAAP Alumni, they have worked together professionally for five years, collaborating on dozens of projects. Their projects range in scale from intimate art installations to huge multi-building architectural renovations in Over-the-Rhine.
Amy’s fascination with the phenomenon of experience inspires her to do work which is ever-changing and reflective in nature. It can never be experienced the same way twice. It is different every hour of every day and for every individual. She has designed and fabricated many large-scale art installations, one of which is currently on display at the CAC.
Courtney is interested in creating progressive urban interventions. She seeks to generate new ways for people to engage with the urban fabric, therefore challenging their assumptions about the built environment.
They hope to combine their talents to build a mind-bending interactive experience at BLINK 2019.