Cincinnatus is a public artwork by Richard Haas in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The mural depicts Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, the namesake of Cincinnati. It’s on the Brotherhood Building at Central Parkway and Vine Street. It was commissioned by the Kroger Company 1983 in honor of their 100th year of business. In 2015, the mural was restored by ArtWorks in collaboration with the original artist. Bio: Cincy Illuminations artist Scott Budd has always liked playing around with video projection. Considering himself an autodidact, Budd has had no formal training in any field, yet I’m self-taught in video/audio editing, photography, graphic arts, 3d modeling, animation, video mapping,video projection installation, and on-site setup/alignment for multiple events. Budd is the owner of Cincy Geodome, a 32’x17’ geodesic dome which he rents out for events with 360 immersive video projection. Scott also pffers video projector rental, and PA audio systems for events. Drone pilot for documentaries and event footage.