With over 130 parks and greenspaces, 5,000 acres/10% of the city’s landmass – Cincinnati Parks touch every neighborhood within the city of Cincinnati. Bringing communities together, parks are for everyone now and forever. Together with our friends from Kolar Design, the Smale Family Foundation, Moerlein Lager House and Cincinnati Parks Foundation – we Invite YOU to enjoy Cincinnati Parks’ Urban Campsite. A space where all are welcome to gather and be Inspired by a love story. Many years ago, John gave Phyllis a necklace with two geese Intertwined, and a note that read, “To my One and Only, geese mate for life.” Within Smale Riverfront Park you’re now able to visit a beautiful sculpture donated by their children of two geese flying in synchronicity, denoting that same simple and loving message. These geese will forever remain a symbol of their love within the Park. How perfect to be here, under the stars in this majestic Park, gifted to us all to enjoy now and forever. Please join us around the campfire…and enjoy your Cincinnati Parks!