Barter Boat is an interactive project created by RADAR Art Collective that travels from city to city across the country trading with the citizenry. During trading hours, members of RADAR Art operate the installation by making trades with the public, exploring uniquely memorable experiences by helping visitors shape a new relationship to waste and explore different ideas of value without money. Attendees of the Barter Boat are offered three distinct experiences: to barter objects for curated gifts, to interact through story or performance, and to partake in a futurist version of the Pony Express. Throughout their travels, RADAR Art has curated their collection of stuff from multiple cities into hand-held assemblages. Those who trade are given one of these precious packets, an eco-friendly bag carefully curated with the small possessions of passersby from a previous city. In turn, whatever visitors trade will become art too, and exchanged at Barter Boat’s next stop.