Get ready to be awe-inspired. The artists transforming Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s walls… 

BLINK in 2019 will feature 35+ projection mappings and lighted displays created by 34 organizations or artist groups and curated by BLINK partner, Brave Berlin of Cincinnati.

The artists come to BLINK from six countries and seven U.S. cities, including 19 from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. See the list below.

“BLINK will feature nearly double the number of projection mappings (20) of 2017, and we’re thrilled that nearly 50% of our projection mapping artists are women, or teams led by women,” said Steve McGowan of Brave Berlin.

BLINK 2019 Projection Mapping Artists and Artist Groups:

  • George Berlin, Chicago, IL
  • Blockhouse Media, Bloomington, IN
  • Brave Berlin, Cincinnati, OH
  • Brave Berlin & L4 Studio, Cincinnati, OH and Canada
  • Brave Berlin & Masery Studios, Cincinnati, OH and Boston, MA
  • Brave Berlin and Bicicleta Sem Freio, Cincinnati, OH and Portugal
  • Brave Berlin and Fifth Third Innovation, Cincinnati, OH
  • Brave Berlin and Saya Woolfalk, Cincinnati, OH and New York, NY
  • Brave Berlin and Telmo Miel, Cincinnati, OH and Netherlands
  • Brave Berlin and The London Police, Cincinnati, OH and England
  • Brave Berlin and Xylene, Cincinnati, OH
  • Tiffany Carbonneau, New Albany, IN
  • Cincy Illuminations, Newport, KY
  • Crossroads, Cincinnati, OH
  • Greg D’Amico, Cincinnati, OH
  • Kyle Ebersole, Cincinnati, OH
  • Epipheo, Cincinnati, OH
  • Faith XLVII & Inka Kendzia, South Africa
  • Foster & Flux, Cincinnati, OH
  • Christopher Glenn, Cincinnati, OH
  • Hambone Collective, Cincinnati, OH
  • Chaske Haverkos, Cincinnati, OH
  • Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Cincinnati, OH
  • Klip Collective, Philadelphia, PA
  • Gerhard Koenderink, Cincinnati, OH
  • Lisa Koepke & Patrick Down, Cincinnati, OH
  • Lightborne, Cincinnati, OH
  • Tuesday McGowan & Scott Fredette, Cincinnati, OH
  • OBLSK, Worthington, OH
  • Polymath, Covington, KY
  • Sean Van Praag, Cincinnati, OH
  • Jason Snell, Cincinnati, OH
  • Spotted Yeti Media, Covington, KY
  • Judy K Suh, Chicago, IL

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  • April says:


    Is there any sort of wholesale merchandise you may be selling to local stores to support BLINK? If so I’m very interested. Let me know!


  • Andie says:

    And where are bathrooms or is that just for the 350$ ticket holders? Yes I will base my excision around where the bathrooms are, why is that a surprise?

    • Courtney Tomasetti says:

      Hi Andie – There will be five hospitality areas throughout the event with access to public restrooms.VIP tickets grants access to private restrooms. The neighborhood zones will stretch from Findlay Market to Covington. All installations are within a few blocks of the streetcar routes.